Any3: Anytime Anywhere Anyone

5 Steps:
Step 1: Get connected
Step 2: Get to a God conversation
Step 3: Get to Lostness
Step 4: Get to the Gospel
Step 5: Get a Decision

STEP ONE: Get connected
How are you?
What do you do on Sundays?
What is your religion?

STEP TWO: Get to a God conversation
“All religions are the same.”

SAY: Most religions are the same, aren’t they? We are all trying to pay off our sin debt.
We all sin, don’t we?
Even good people sin.
Sinning is easy, but paying off our sin debt to God is much more difficult, isn’t it?

ASK: In your religion, what are you doing to get your sins forgiven?

STEP THREE: Get to Lostness
Ask the person what are some things he is doing in his religion to please God and get his sins forgiven.
Listen attentively. Ask some questions, then ask :
Ask: Are your sins paid off yet?
When do you think your sins will be paid off? On Judgement Day, do you know that your sin debt will be paid?
Say: What I believe is different. I know my sins are forgiven, not because I am good, though I try, but because God has made a way for my sins to be forgiven.

STEP FOUR: Get to the Gospel
Use the Bridge (or just talk)
a. Who is Jesus?
The Word of God, was in heaven with God in the beginning – born into this world through the virgin birth.
He never sinned. Even though He was tempted by the devil when He fasted for 40 days and nights, He never sinned.

b. Why did Jesus have to die?
God created the first persons, Adam and Eve.
– God warned them of death if they ate the fruit. They disobeyed God and sinned – God gave them a covering for sin. Adam and Eve sinned only one sin
– cast out of the garden
– tried to cover their sin
– God offered the first sacrifice for the forgiveness of their sins.

Since that first sacrifice, all our forefathers have offered sacrifices for their sins to be forgiven :
Adam and Eve Abraham
Cain and Abel Moses
Noah David etc.

God pronounced judgement on the serpent. God promised that from among the woman’s descendants, a Saviour who would crush Satan’s head (although Satan would also injure him). Over the centuries, many prophets foretold the coming of a Saviour who would take away the sins of the world.

That’s why Jesus had to die!
– As Lamb of God
– Jesus died and said “It is finished!”
– Jesus rose again, seen by 500 people.

That is why I know my sins are forgiven.

STEP FIVE: Get a Decision
This make sense, doesn’t it? Although we cannot pay off our sin debt, God has made a way for us.
Do you believe what I told you? That Jesus died and was raised again.